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The Rishi Valley Alumni Association () is a US based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that seeks to foster an active community of all Rishi Valley School alumni in the United States; and provide goodwill and support for initiatives at Rishi Valley that have lasting impact.

RiVAA’s Objectives:

  • Connect Rishi Valley School alumni in the US and bring them together to support initiatives at Rishi Valley

  • Provide funding and resources to projects centered on upliftment of health, education and environment in the rural regions surrounding the Rishi Valley School campus.

For more information regarding RiVAA, please visit .
Arati Nagaraj (ISC 88) shares her experiences on a recent visit to the school - .
A student shares his experiences as Summer Intern at the school - .

To get in touch on how you can help, please email