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The Krishnamurti Study Centre at Rishi Valley welcomes visitors who are interested in the different aspects of Krishnamurti's teachings. There are facilities for studying the philosophical implications of Krishnamurti's teachings, and for exploring their impact in the areas of education. The Centre also provides space for quiet reflection.

The Study Centre infrastructure includes a collection of audio and video cassettes of Krishnamurti's talks, a well-stocked library of books on Krishnamurti and on related and general topics, with emphasis on philosophy. Cottages for visitors are available on campus if reservations are made in advance. Rishi Valley hosts gatherings of the Krishnamurti Foundation of India every four years.

The Centre also maintains a Centre at Madanpalle in the house where Krishnamurti was born.

Rishi Valley Philosophical Studies Project

The staff includes several people trained in the discipline of philosophy, with a thorough knowledge of Indian Philosophy as well as Existentialism. A number of Rishi Valley School teachers have been keen students of Krishnamurti's teachings for many years. We are thus uniquely situated to support the study of various aspects of those teachings in a practical setting.

Our concerns are threefold: to sharpen and deepen our understanding of Krishnamurti's teachings, to investigate several broad topics relating to the practice of his educational philosophy, and to re-examine the doctrines of certain ancient Indian philosophers - especially the Buddhist Nagarjuna and the Vedantin Adi Shankaracharya -- in the light of Krishnamurti's teachings.

India is one of the oldest literate civilizations on earth, rooted in traditions which are quite different from the philosophical roots of Western thought. The time is ripe for us to deepen our understanding of the ideals that underpin Indian civilisation and to investigate their practical application. We wish to advance these pursuits with the help of Krishnamurti's teachings in an educational setting. In this context, scholarship on topics of a practical, philosophical, comparative and methodological nature can be supported.

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