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Sunil Sir's Magnum Opus:
Book on the Landscapes and Trees of the Valley

Few weeks back, we received into the Valley Sunil Sir (ST to residents of the valley) and Meena Akka. The students were very excited to meet them and they were surrounded by a swarm of children during the days that followed.

Sunil Sir in his own words has poured his heart and soul into the just out of the press book ‘LANDSCAPES & TREES OF RISHI VALLEY’. It is about the geographical forms and the flora in and around the valley. It also includes an approach to education fundamentally based on Krishnamurthi’s values. This book is richly illustrated, with documented facts and anecdotes from collective memory, and narrates the conservation efforts undertaken by the school over the years. This book is a treasure trove and a collector’s item, especially if you are a part of Rishi Valley School.

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Extract from Rishi Valley School :: best ipl cricket games onlineletter Dated March 5th, 2023